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Comunitatea online Teen Buzz oferă o învățare cu adevărat distractivă

Adolescenții care învață engleza se pot bucura de noul conținut interactiv al site-ul care cuprinde jocuri, chestionare și o stație radio de mare succes. Cu peste 48.000 de fani din 200 de țări, Helen Doron Radio, stația de radio online de învățare

Comunitatea online Teen Buzz oferă o învățare cu adevărat distractivă

English for the Beginner Teen

Helen, you are best known for the pioneering work you have done creating a unique methodology for teaching English to young children but what about teens that have just started learning English? There are teens who need basic content that is appealing

Back to School: Planning Your Child’s Afterschool Activities

Can children learn English after a long and full academic school day?  As a parent, you want the very best for your child. But every family has a different idea as to what the optimal balance between in-school and after-school activities —

Should English Teachers be Teaching Values?

When we teach, values are always implicit.  Showing respect for others, taking turns, assuming responsibility and turning in assignments on time are key values that are an integral part of what students learn in school. These values teach children not only to

Learning Naturally with the Spiral Method Part 2

Helen, let’s please continue our conversation about the various elements that contribute to the success of the Helen Doron methodology; what makes the method work? There are a variety of components that contribute to the success of the methodology, and we have

Helen Doron Methodology Provides Much More than Learning English

Bosnian parents Vedrana Removic and her husband Boris are the proud parents of eight-year-old Rajna and two-year-old Leona. Rajna has been a student at Helen Doron Novo Sarajevo for 3½ years, and Leona will begin classes there next autumn. The family speaks

Young Heroes Campaign Leads Change in Communities

Join Helen Doron English students in their drive to become better world citizens The Helen Doron Educational Group’s new campaign, Young Heroes, encourages children to work together for the betterment of their communities.  Young Heroes will inspire children everywhere to unleash their

Spiral Learning – A Successful Approach to Learning for Your Child

More than 2 million children have learnt English through the Helen Doron methodology. What is the secret to your success? How does the method work? There are many features of the methodology that contribute to its success, let’s focus now on the

Un nou centru Helen Doron English în Alba Iulia!

  Mai mult de 2 milioane de copii au învățat limba engleză prin metoda Helen Doron. Care este secretul succesului? Cum funcționează metoda?   Există multe caracteristici ale metodei care contribuie la succes, dar acum ne vom concentra pe conceptul de învățare

Un nou centru Helen Doron English în Alba Iulia!

How to Nurture and Develop the EQ of Young Children

Helen, in this age of technology where families are often separated and rely on electronic communication to stay connected, how did you develop such a loving relationship with your grandson, Rohan, who lives in Korea? We speak as often as we can,

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